The Corporate Learning Pyramid

Learning in an organization is one of the key factors for success. How you do make sure that your people have the right skills and knowledge? What are the most efficient ways of disseminating knowledge within an organization? It turns out that there is no one-size fits all solution. The Corporate Learning Pyramid has been developed based on extensive meetings with executives and employees of all levels of seniority, across many geographies.

The basic tenet of the Corporate Learning Pyramid is that the learning methodology needs to adapt to the seniority level of the learner. Top executives will require a different methodology and learning experience than middle managers or entry-level employees will.

Top Executives
At the top of the pyramid, you have the top executives and leaders. By essence, their time is critical and scarce. However, it is important for them to be up to date with trends, concepts, and information. Actually, being informed and having the updated skills and knowledge is essential to their success and understanding of the fast-moving pace of their industry. They like hands-on learning, getting their information from the best experts available.

For these executives, short face-to-face programs are one of the best ways of getting this learning done. Whether in a group or a private session, they prefer the direct contact with the expert. This direct interaction allows them to go deeper into each concept by asking questions and probing further.

Our Leader Development Program has been designed with this objective in mind. Bringing the best expert in the world to top executives in a short and immersive format.

Middle Management
When we look at the middle management level, the requirements are different as the number of people to train is higher. At the same time, the organisation needs to ensure that the right skills are being learned to enable the managers’ progress and development.

At this level, the blended approach is extremely valuable. The blended approach brings the flexibility of online learning with the power of live follow up (with an internal or external coach, trainer or expert) to make sure that the concepts learned have been understood and applied in the context of one’s work.

Our Blended learning platform and content answer the need of these managers.

Junior Level
Finally, at the junior/entry level, the amount of people to train is even greater making it unpractical and financially burdensome to operate classroom-based learning. E-learning comes in as the right solution as its deployment can reach a large number ensuring that the learning is harmonized across all the learners. Beyond its easy deployment, standardized content, E-learning provides a cost competitive solution which is an important factor for organizations.

Flexible Framework
The Corporate Learning Pyramid is a flexible framework where top executives may use e-learning or blended learning, classroom learning will be delivered to middle management, etc. There will always be an exception. However, in general, the framework will hold true.

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