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Chart Learning Solutions (CLS) is the leading global provider of award-winning blended learning in professional skill development and employee accountability. CLS combines assessments, on-line learning, the Performance Assurance System™ and Training Accountability Platform™ with live coaching to produce unparalleled results.

CLS blended learning programs may be run with or without a coach. Employees may also coach each other! All of our courses come with coaching documents to help lead discussions.

The High-Performance Team Building Series



Understand the advantages and disadvantages of working in a team
Define the difference between a team and a group
Apply the benefits of ground rules
Select from a set of sample ground rules
Implement eight steps to set up ground rules for a high-performance team
Understand the consequences of a poor team start
Apply the four stages of building a team
Implement nine steps for forming a high-performance team with a Team Charter
Understand the communication traits of effective teams
Apply the most important effective communication behavior
Implement 20 communication traits of effective team members
Understand the benefits of goal setting
Apply WOCR rules for effective goal setting
Implement SMARTER team goals


Understand the underlying cause of all interpersonal conflict
Apply options for handling conflict
Implement a three-stage process for resolving conflict
Know the definition of trust
Apply 9 ways to build team trust
Implement 10 ways to earn respect in a team
Understand the biggest challenge in problem-solving
Apply steps for Creative Problem-Solving brainstorming in a team
Implement a four-stage process for creative problem-solving
Understand the benefits of team decisions
Know when to use decision-making in teams
Implement strategies to prepare for team decision-making
Apply three methods for team decisions


Understand the pros and cons of consensus
Know the conditions for successfully reaching consensus
Apply a quick-consensus model for urgent decisions
Implement six steps for reaching team consensus
Understand the conditions for giving constructive feedback
Know how to deliver positive feedback
Implement six steps for delivering constructive “opportunity” feedback and
Apply a Fast Feedback technique
Understand the definition of responsible risk-taking
Know the characteristics of responsible risk-takers
Employ a risk-taking assessment calculator
Implement preparation steps for risk-taking
Understand the dangers of team complacency
Apply eight ways to defeat complacency


Understand the importance of rewarding teams
Apply “Thank-you” recognition tips
Implement creative ways to reward team members
Know what demotivates teams
Understand how to identify hidden performance obstacles
Apply steps for removing obstacles
Implement nine ways to keep team members motivated
Understand factors that contribute to poor team performance
Apply four ways to measure team performance
Implement the RASIC method for structuring high performance
Know the attributes of repeatable success
Analyze a successful system process for repeat success
Apply a matrix for identifying root causes of success

Get the full brochure with all programs and micro-learning courses

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